Modest and contradictory Nottingham

Nottingham was settled by the Anglo-Saxons, Danes and Normans; the castle was the seat of monarchs and parliament; it was an inventive town at the forefront of the industrial revolution; it was a centre of radical politics and dissent; it was a city of many firsts; it developed four separate leading industries; it was the home numerous notable Nottinghamsters; one of its football teams won the European Championship twice . . . and yet despite all of this is a very modest city which doesn't celebrate its past and successes.

The council's slogan for the city which you see everywhere is 'A safer, cleaner, ambitious Nottingham a city we're all proud of', but the council doesn't do anything to make any capital out of the city's illustrious past.  I don't know if this modesty or indifference or a desire to be seen as a 'modern' city where dwelling on the past is irrelevant, but this is also contradictory because part of being 'ambitious' for the city is about getting more people to come and visit and spend money.  Exploiting the rich history of the city is one way of achieving this and this can happily co-exist with advertising modern attractions.