Robin Hood

If you ask people all around the world what they associate with Nottingham they will probably say 'Robin Hood'.  This statue of Robin Hood is outside Nottingham Castle. 
The council's failure to capitalise on the Robin Hood story is a prime example of modest and contradictory Nottingham.  Many visitors come to Nottingham and want to know about Robin Hood. What is there for them about from this statue and some bits and bobs to buy in the Castle Shop and tourist information centre?  Nothing.  
There used to be an attraction called 'The Tales of Robin Hood' just round the corner from the castle on Maid Marian Way, but it closed in early 2009 after struggling to meet the rent.  The attraction was quite innovative when it first opened. It was based on the the Jorvik Centre in York and had animatronic figures and holograms, but it didn't develop with the times and ended up looking rather tired and very run down.  It remained popular though, with seemingly every little child who visited coming away with a Robin Hood hat and bow and arrow.  All the 'treasures' have been taken over by the council for safekeeping until a decision can be made about how to display them.  The council says there's no money for them to set up a city-owned attraction.  Half the site is now a Tesco.
Someone wants to do something though.  Local showman enterpreneur, James Mellors, wants to build a 100m foot statue of Robin Hood  with lifts going up one leg to a viewing area and restaurant.  Possible locations could be Colwick Woods, Victoria Embankment or near Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station.