Nottingham was an important Danish settlement and one of the five Midland Danelaw boroughs.  Much of the narrow medieval street pattern still exists and is preserved in streets name ending in 'Gate'.  This has nothing to do with town walls or city gates, but was Scandanavian word for street. The Scandanavian word for gate was 'bar' as reflected in the name Chapel Bar.

Most of these street names with the suffix 'Gate' advertise what was done or sold there, but in some cases the derivation of the street name isn't clear.

Barker Gate for tanners (barker is another word for tanner), one of the oldest road in the city;

Bellar Gate is a bit of mystery it could have something to do with bell making or it could also have meant something like Watchbell Street as it led to one of the town gates where watch would be kept and possibly an alarm bell hung;

Bridlesmith Gate reflects the importance of smiths in Nottingham.  From the middle ages to the late 18 century Bridlesmith Gate was the main shopping street of Nottingham;
Carter Gate (to the left) for cart carriers and makers;

Castle Gate leads from the castle, but was cut in half in the 1960s by Maid Marian Way;

Fisher Gate (below) for fishermen of the Trent and Leen and fishmongers;

Fletcher Gate for flesh hewers ie butchers, not makers of arrows;

Goosegate doesn't have anything to do with geese and gets its name from Robert-le-Gos who was a goldsmith living here in about 1300;

Houndsgate was called Hungate in 1326, hun meaning hound.  This is another ancient street dissected by Maid Marian Way;

Lister Gate was where listers (dyers) laid out their cloths to dry;

Pilcher Gate for plichmakers - makers and dealers of fur garments;

St Mary's Gate where the church of the same name now stands;

St Peter's Gate where the church of the same name now stands;

Warser Gate was called Walsete Gate in 1331, but I can't find out what either word means;

Wheeler Gate for wheelmakers.

Ray Teece has a brilliant site called The City of Nottingham in Pictures and he's got a section of photos covering Nottingham streets , including all the street listed in this post with the exception of Fisher Gate  and Carter Gate whose photos are above.